Thursday, December 31, 2009

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 Welcome to fjBux!

This is my entry into the Bux world of Get Paid To sites. I am sure some people think I am crazy to try and operate a Bux site . But hey, I may be crazy but I am not stupid. I know how to run a profitable site and that is what I plan to demonstrate.

What is the single most often negative thing you hear about a Bux site? Let me guess and say its about lack of honesty. Well, I have an edge on many site owners. My record is clean and it always will be. Now if you think I am going to put up some free self sponsored ads in hope that you buy ads then that is not my strategy. What I will do is pay for some ads and that way when you earn some cash from clicking you will know the money is in the system to cover your payment. What this means is that it will likely be a slow process as more and more loyal members join me in advertising their own money making opportunities. And yes, this site is about promoting money making opportunities. Please keep in mind that I am entering this as a rookie and I will be the first to say its work in progress. Once I get some cash flow from you guys I will put it back into the site and impress you by getting a new design, new functionality, implementing new ideas and more.

Welcome to
At you will get paid by visiting our sponsor's ads.
We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Our payout minimum is at $2.00 for ultimate members.
• Earn up to $0.0200 per click
• Earn up to $0.0175 per referral click

As a member you have access to detailed statistics of your earnings and your referral's activity
Welcome to
•You can view our payment proofs inside our forum page(click ''Forum''on the right top of that page to view member's payment proofs)
• Earn up to 0.15$ per click
• Earn up to 0.015$ per referral clic
•Upgrade your membership now and get 1/10 of the money you paid back to your purchase balance.
•Get 25 direct referrals we will add 5 dollars to your purchase balance
•Get 100 rented referrals we will add 20 dollars in your purchase balance
•Give advertisements in our website we will add 1/5 of your advertisement funds in your purchase balance.
(Please Don't forget to send support ticket when you reach these targets
Our payout minimum is ;
•100$ for standard members
•75$ for silver members
•50$for gold members
•25$ for diomand members
Please don't forget to read our T.O.S.

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